A Moment in Time: December 2nd 2012. Which One to Choose: Your Heartbeat or Your Alarm Clock?

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A Moment in Time: December 2nd 2012. Which One to Choose: Your Heartbeat or Your Alarm Clock?
Morning comes whether you set the alarm or not. ~Ursula K. Le Guin

It is six a.m. on a Sunday morning. My eyes start opening to a brand new day while my heart is in charge of awakening all my body’s parts in the most gentle and loving way. All my cells are involved, I can feel them.

A few years ago, I was one of the millions who used an alarm clock to get up in the mornings. This was such a disruptive habit that I started noticing how after my hand turned off that little device I had next to my bed making that invasive sound that I hated so much, my brain would immediately take over my life, and my day could only be created in the same fashion: I would call it a ‘”fast as possible” day.

Why did I have to continue waking up in this way that made so irritable and which disconnected me from all the wonders that were happening within me? I really didn’t have to, it was just a social habit, everyone had an alarm clock so I had one too. So I started questioning myself: “What would happen if, when I go to bed at night, my wish is to wake up at 6:00 a.m. in a natural, joyful and peaceful way? After all, the squirrels and the birds outside my window didn’t use any “device” to wake up from their sleep states, so why couldn’t I try their “technique”? At first I was afraid that I would get up late for work, but I kept insisting until one day I realized I was awakening before the alarm clock could even get the chance to make its usual annoying altering sound.

What I discovered was that it wasn’t my head the one that was in charge of waking me up. In some way that I still don’t understand too well, my heart was awakening every cell of my body, even the neurons of my brain. Why was I so certain that it was my heart and not my brain? Simply, I was feeling my heartbeat, I wasn’t feeling my thoughts! From there on, my day would be so much more relaxed, easy-going, and guess what: more productive! My attitude started changing. I started accepting that there wasn’t a need to be stressed out since the minute I opened my eyes, and that stress was only my choice.

I now return to this Sunday morning in the now. I’m still in bed, enjoying the tranquility of this awakening moment while I keep experiencing how my heartbeat starts to be felt in every part of my being. My feet and my hands feel as if they had a heart of their own. My heart is flowing through my blood. I feel alive, and I’m able to observe the miracle of love that is happening throughout me. This is when I can become grateful for everything. This is when I can understand that the only thing that lives inside of me is love.

I get up after fifteen minutes of feeling my heart. I smile as I know that my heart will be creating for me the most wonderful day, no matter what. My brain humbly observes as it becomes my heart’s assistant on this new magical day. The birds and the squirrels are still outside my window, playing and singing while I’m getting attuned to the nature that they share with me, all thanks to the loving heartbeat that incessantly runs through my veins.

So, what you think? Are you ready to replace the sound of your alarm clock for the smoothness and gentleness of your heart that is telling you it’s time to awake into a brand new way?

Until next time and don’t forget to be love!

  • TheWateredSoul

    On most days I wake up without an alarm but never really considered it quite the way you have discussed it.

    • Roxana Jones

      @TheWateredSoul It’s always good to consider new points of view :) Thanks for reading! ♥

  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=505085229 Gerald M-o

    What I call trying to be more awake each passing day and less distracted.

  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=1582834378 Ken Paschen

    When I go to bed I mentally tell my inner guide what time I want to get up. It always works.

  • https://twitter.com/EngelOlaria Angel Olaria

    Suena hermoso la manera en que se siente al despertar con tu corazón y no con el sonido del despertador!… es una forma mas humana de despertar cada día y sentirnos a nosotros mismo para hacer de ese día un gran día para nuestro cuerpo y así también a nuestras vidas!…

    • Roxana Jones

      @Angel Olaria  Bellas palabras Angel, gracias por compartirlas, creo que todos estamos listos para volver a las maneras más “naturales” de vivir; como bien dices, es más “humano” y por ello muchos hemos empezado a recordar hábitos que nos devuelven al amor y la felicidad. Un abrazo! ♥

  • bagad28

    Making a wish in your heart before you sleep is the most effective alarm clock.

    • Roxana Jones

      @bagad28 Yes! Totally agree, it works every time! Thank you for visiting! ♥

  • husseinkahamdan

    @Roxana Jones I use definitely my hearrt beattttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • Roxana Jones

      @husseinkahamdan  Great choice Hussein! :) Thank you for your reading!  ♥

  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000823310420 Nicole Elayne

    For years now, I don’t have alarm clock anymore… I truly decide at what time I want to wake up and it always worked… It’s been almost a year that I don’t even have a watch and instead I’m wearing a beautiful bracelet…. We don’t really need all those mindsets created by our mind.ego…… Living from the heart… Beautiful blog Roxana :)

  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=113127575436224 Roxana Jones

    Totally agree with you Nicole! It is time for us to remember the power of the heart! At some point in our collective past, the ego mind took over our lives but the heart is finally coming back ;) Lovely visit my dear! This page shines thanks to you ♥

  • Blacktortoise

    Oh yes.  Trusting the ‘inner guide,’ as Ken says, or waiting for my ‘heart’ to wake me up is truly the way to go.  And everyday create space for something unplanned to happen.  The day is meant to be lived, not crushed by doing.

    • Roxana Jones

      @Blacktortoise I love the way you put it. Yes, our lives are meant to be enjoyed, ‘not crushed by doing’! It is our birthright even though only a few believe they are here to claim it…Thanks for the great comment!  ♥