Seven Lessons Before I was Able to Become Love. Lesson #5: Humility

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Seven Lessons Before I was Able to Become Love. Lesson #5: Humility


About the new blog series: “Seven Lessons Before I was Able to Become Love” is a collection of eight short articles where I share eight values I consider the origin of the person I am today. After the eight articles are all published on my blog, I will be offering a free mini e-book with these as chapters that will easily connect and complete the sequence in one little self-help book that you will be able to download at no cost as my way of saying thank you for letting me be a part of your world and making it possible to HealThruWords®


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“My ego had grown so big I couldn’t even feel my heartbeat any longer. God left me with nothing so I could revive.”


Humility is often times misinterpreted by many of us. It is easy to believe that we will diminish ourselves if we become humble. To explain how I learned this lesson I have to admit I was a person who lived from my ego mind. My ego had grown so big that all I could think of were the things I needed to have or do with my life in order for me to be at the same level of the other egos I saw in the people that surrounded me as acquaintances, friends and family. For many years, life was truly a competition for me. I spent many hours of my day thinking on how to become better – not better than I used to be but better compared to the rest. I didn’t even know where this behavior had come from, I simply did it.

I had created a life that according to social standards was a dream come true in terms of what our egos tell us it is an ideal life. At the age of twenty-seven, I already had the family I always wanted, my husband was a very successful entrepreneur, my daughters were two adorable and healthy girls as I had always imagined them before they were born, I was a distinguished member of the high class back in my country of birth, a wealthy person with several homes, cars, lots of traveling, and the list went on.

Little did I know at that young age that all this wouldn’t be enough and that as the years would pass, I would come to realize that all this mind-created abundance couldn’t bring my true happiness. I’ve always kid in a loving way saying I am slow learner. For another five years I kept allowing my ego to continue its dysfunctional growth simply because I didn’t know I had a choice. Back then I didn’t even know that my heart could do so much more than just pump blood into my veins. I was a very mind-oriented person. Science and rationality ruled my world. I still didn’t understand I was a spiritual being who was experiencing life. On the contrary, I rather saw myself as a physical being who had the choice to learn about spirituality, but that still wasn’t my choice. Nothing I couldn’t see with my eyes was for me to believe. So I kept on wearing my masks for the amusement of others while deep inside I had already started feeling empty and unaccomplished.

Once I could connect all the dots, everything began working so perfectly even when it appeared as if everything was truly working against me! I got my divorce and soon after I started losing everyone and everything in my life. It happened because I had to be able to feel not only empty on the inside but also on the outside so that my true transformation could begin.

Oak tree and blue sky

God was so generous. I feel blessed and sometimes I still wonder how was it that God took the trouble of offering me such a magnificent lesson of love. God took away all possible distractions so that I could be able to put my ego at rest and learn how to take control of it instead of letting it control my life. When I lost everything it was when I started hearing the voice of my heart for the first time. It had been so ignored that at first it sounded rusty and very distant. With practice, my heart started teaching me where I should look for my Self. After all, I wanted to discover who I was. I knew that there was so much more to life, so much more to me… I just didn’t know how to look for it.

It was when God started speaking through my heart. There was a time when many guides and ascended masters would come and channel messages through me. I awakened to other dimensions I had never explored and my teachers came from all over the universe. Did I feel frightened? Did I feel I was going nuts? Of course I did. But then, as I had nothing to lose and I was totally dedicated to transform myself from an ego-centered to a heart-centered individual, all my doubts didn’t matter much when I used to say to myself: “remember you don’t have nothing left, so why do you worry so much?” I was fascinated with the fact I could now connect to all these spiritual guides that I used to listen and learn from through my heart. All of their messages made so much sense.

The more I focused on my spiritual energy, the more my ego minimized in size and power. It was so great to feel the rebalancing throughout my sentient being. As my heart kept opening and teaching me about the fact that humans needed a heart more than a brain, my external reality continued to be empty but I started feeling that even though there were no material objects still in it, it was already such a rich environment, I just felt it as such! My humility kept growing as my ego kept shrinking. There they were, all these great spirits that didn’t even have a physical body like mine – I saw them as light holograms – teaching me about the reality my eyes couldn’t see. The least I could learn was to become humble and accept how insignificant my ego truly was compared to the magnificence of this universe that had given me life!

My contact with these supernatural energies lasted a few years. They told me that they would only be visible until I would be able to recognize my own true self. It was beautiful to see how this process began to occur. I was able to be the observer of my real self’s awakening. Progressively, as I would keep discovering another new piece of the puzzle that at some point would complete my whole inner self, my spiritual guides visited me less and less. One day, when I was ready to embrace who I was, they simply faded away. Today, they are still in my universe, but now I am a part of them and they are a part of me. There is no need for separateness any longer. I have finally learned that my humility is one of my greater strengths and I have understood the value of my insignificant ego. I still love it but now it is a healthy love. It has become my heart’s assistant, and they both get along quite well.


Stay tuned for the next blog of “Seven Lessons Before I was Able to Become Love” with Lesson #6: Acceptance. Coming out next July 22nd!


Until next time and don’t forget to be love!


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  1. how beautiful and inspired words you have written dear Roxana. You are truly blessed to have awaken to the “real life”. Looking back on one`s life we can understand that the so-called hard knocks were necessary blessing in disguise. Keep on shining with humility.

  2. Gracias mi querida Roxi por sus lecciones de amor y me the gusto de enviarnos la luz que usted ahora radia pues esa luz es la de nuestro Creadorque el nos gratis pero que muchos no la vemos por lo negativos que somos.Salud y bienestar mi querida puede dese una bueta a Burbank que fue donda la conoci en el Marriott de burbank yo la lleve al aeropuerto.

  3. Very true my dear friend! I’ve had lots of setbacks in my life and now, I know why those setbacks occurred to me. To make me aware who I am! You have made a great change in changing my attitude towards life! I’m blessed to have a friend like you! You are always there in my prayers! Have a wonderful Sunday! Looking forward to meeting you in person some day! WLOL

  4. Very nice,It really touching.

  5. Nice Roxana and very true to bad many people don t know of this while others live

  6. Nice Roxana and very true to bad many people don t know of this while others live

  7. Nice Roxana and very true to bad many people don t know of this while others live

  8. All I can say is God Bless You, Continue to inspire us !

    • Garrymark God bless you too, and thank you for reading the article! :) ♥

  9. Nice Roxana and very true to bad many people don t know of this while others live

  10. Nice Roxana and very true to bad many people don t know of this while others live

  11. Nice Roxana and very true to bad many people don t know of this while others live


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