A Moment in Time: October 20, 2013. Are You Insuring Your Afterlife?

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A Moment in Time: October 20, 2013. Are You Insuring Your Afterlife?

It’s so easy to assume we’re only what we see in the mirror as our physical selves. But deep inside we all know and accept—even when our ego mind works hard in trying to ignore for us this acceptance—this body we now have, sooner or later is going to disappear. In my personal case, I know this Roxana I see right now as Self won’t last forever and that once I am ready to move on to my next step in the afterlife, I will definitely want to look back and see I was able to use every moment and every opportunity here to grow and evolve.

During the last “board meeting” I had with my heart and my mind, I realized how hard it is for us to think about our evolution as energetic beings that are living a human experience for a short period of time. We live in a society where we’re constantly bombarded with FEAR-based ideas and recommendations on how to make sure everything we currently have stays with us and it’s not lost or stolen. As a result of this crazy reality in which we have been conditioned to believe we can control all of our lives when in truth we only control a tiny percentage of it, from an early age we start to think that in order for us to have peace of mind we must insure our lives, health, businesses, cars, homes, furniture, and basically anything that is of great value to us which perhaps could be at risk of being lost or taken away from us.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against those that sell insurances or the ones that buy them. I myself have had to insure some of my “things” because it’s illegal to be uninsured; our system obliges us to do so. My point is that we’re all too focused on this material and temporary world as if it was the ONLY thing we had when in truth, it’s the least certain thing we can depend on.

What percentage of the population is dedicating at least a portion of their lives to insure their best possible afterlife? Who is even thinking about it anyway? It seems interesting to me the fact that we all love to plan for the future. But then, where is the end of this future? For the majority death is the future’s deadline! Does this mean there is no future (non-linear, atemporal future) after death? Goodness, if this was so, all the scientific theories explaining the energetic nature of this universe would simply have to be thrown in the garbage can and replaced by new theories we don’t have. More so, Einstein’s well accepted thesis stating energy never dies and it only transforms would have to be erased from the collective consciousness of this planet.




Sadly, we are that same society which has established the limiting beliefs we continue to impose on ourselves as if we didn’t have any other choice. We are the ones choosing not to reflect on our evolution. Instead, we leave it to the scientists, as if this “matter” didn’t have to do with us, the ones who are evolving!

We still prefer to see ourselves as a “physical body with expiration date” and not as an eternal energetic being that will soon change and transform into something different, hopefully something greater. In other words, once our short-term vessel expires, all the money invested in all those insurances, all the material things we’ve acquired and kept insured so preciously stays here in the material world while we move on to the next step. Don’t you think that this system of beliefs where the material is what has the greatest value while our individual energetic bodies are completely ignored must definitely change if we truly want to see a more just and equal world?

Have you ever studied about how huge your true energetic self is? And have you ever wondered if you’re doing all you need with it in order to rest in peace once it’s time to move on to your next level?

In the present is where we create our future, even the non-linear and atemporal future that comes after we physically die. We do so by taking time from our busy lives to meditate on all that is NOT material and CANNOT be insured. All that will “go” with us as part of our energy once we are ready to “die.” Ironically, that which cannot be insured here in this physical reality is precisely what will ensure us our experience in the afterlife…

Oh, dearest life, you certainly are the most wonderful contradiction of all. Isn’t it amazing how you make us play the human game where we forget all that we’ve known before birth and then recover it only when you’re no longer a part of us?

Until next time and don’t forget to be love!


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