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What Type of Abundance are you Creating?

Many people in this world use the word abundance to refer to wealth, money, or anything that is related to the existence of material objects. The truth is we can be abundant in so many other aspects besides the one involving our financial affairs. They might not be as... read more

Conquering Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

“I felt utterly exhausted that night, so worn out I didn’t want to live anymore. I showered thousands of kisses on my daughters. I told them how much I loved them and waited until they fell asleep. I was so proud of them; they were the only thing that made me feel... read more

Are you Exploring your Body through your Soul?

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to make a pause of ten days from work, Internet, daily routine, family, friends, and in general, from the world I currently know and recreate. Every year, I try to take a break (my last year break is documented in Return to the... read more

When a Friend on Social Media Dies

One of the first HealThruWords inspirational quotes I wrote four years ago, when I was starting to create my social networks confirms my belief that: “Virtual friends can be as real and unconditional as love itself.” At the time, people were starting to ‘trust’ the... read more

Baby Steps to a Happy Life

Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with a cute little boy named Tommy, who was just starting to take his first steps and who, in spite of his apparent clumsiness, had some amazing teachings to offer me. Trying to walk too fast without realizing that a few... read more

Living the Life of your Dreams from Monday to Sunday

From Mondays to Fridays, the majority of working adults living in world cities that are vital in the preservation of the current global economic model have agreed – conscious or unconsciously – to conform to a life where resignation and compliance are the names... read more

How to Manifest Easier and Faster

There is so much that has been discovered about the way our brain functions. Why should this matter to you? Because when it comes to positive change and manifesting the life of your dreams, you must first learn the easiest and fastest way to reaching your goal. Think... read more

Will You Marry Me?

Paris, June 2013 The building is the most magical one. Enchanting décor, unsurpassable views from the top floor, a romantic and exquisite dinner and the best of all companies: my soul mate, Arnaud. The night is beautiful and delightful. I am just letting him guide me... read more

Feelings or Emotions: Which ones are you using to Manifest?

It took me many years of study and research to come to the conclusion that I live in a society where feelings are confused with emotions. When it comes to learning how to positively change one’s life, I have read extensively and I have participated in many amazing... read more

Repentance: What does it mean to you?

When I listen to the word “repentance” my brain tends to associate it with the old religious belief that we must confess our sins. Having to confess our sins is a biased statement I believe, as it implies that we are all sinners who in order to avoid “punishment” must... read more

The Redemption of the Feminine Energy: a Man’s Thing

Even when on the superficial levels that we all prefer to observe, it might seem different, the world is not in the current situation because of its religious, political and economic wars. The world is the way it is simply because we, its human inhabitants – it is... read more

Love: An Experience, not a Memory

The reason why we must live in the present is simple: It is the ONLY space and time where we are able to experience love. Yes, love can’t be found in the past or the future, and the only way we can create something new is by loving it in the now. So why is it that so... read more

Feelings: Your Main Manifestation Tool

Last night I had a very informative and enlightening dream. A thunderous voice from above came to me and said out of the blue: “Manifestation only happens through feelings and the majority of people are not feeling one-hundred percent.” I didn’t see myself as part of the dream. Rather, I was only a listener. This was an audible and not a visual experience. It was clear that the message was the focal point as the voice continued with the previous thought: “You all have to reconnect with your sentient being, remember what is like to feel good to be able to achieve and manifest all of your goals.”Anoche tuve un sueño muy instructivo e iluminador. Una voz estruendosa desde lo alto vino a mí y me dijo repentinamente: “La manifestación solo ocurre a través de los sentimientos y la mayoría de la gente no está sintiendo cien por ciento”. No me vi a mi misma dentro del sueño, fui más bien, una oyente. Esta fue una experiencia auditiva y no visual. Estaba claro que el mensaje era el punto de enfoque ya que la voz continuó con la idea previa: “Tienen todos que reconectarse a su ser sensitivo, recordar lo que es sentirse bien para poder alcanzar y manifestar todas sus metas”.

read more

Enthusiasm: Where does it come from?

It is so common to see so many using the word “enthusiasm” without even knowing its undertones. To be honest, I was one of them until a friend of mine a few years back taught me what I didn’t know : the meaning that millions are still taking for granted. If we go to... read more

Choosing our best Addictions

Did you know that we are all addicts on this planet? Yes, by simply being humans we are all individuals that are addicted to the reality we live and share, and to all of the negative and positive possible creations that it is constantly offering us. Many of you are... read more

The Mountain where your Mind meets your Heart

The majority in this world thinks that the mind is the only tool needed to become successful and achieve the goals we are constantly dreaming of. But the mind is not able to achieve our success and goals on its own. Believing the mind is all we have and all we need is... read more

A Case of Mistaken Identity

One of my readers noticed a few weeks back that I am always insisting on the fact we should all remember to be love. Furthermore, he asked if I could explain how he could “be love.” What a wonderful topic to reflect on now that we have begun a new year, a new cycle in... read more

The Existence of the Nonphysical Heart

    In the year of 2003 I met Drunvalo Melchizedek for the first time. Drunvalo has been one of the most influential teachers I’ve had so far. Thanks to him, I learned about the sacred space of the heart, a hidden space that has been described in several of... read more

Law of Attraction and God: An Inseparable Duo

What does the Law of Attraction has to do with God? I’m sure you’ve all read about the Law of Attraction or perhaps are even using it right now as part of your thought processes. For those who are not familiar, the Law of Attraction states that we attract whatever we... read more