One of my readers noticed a few weeks back that I am always insisting on the fact we should all remember to be love. Furthermore, he asked if I could explain how he could “be love.”

Being love is something that is remembered through personal experience. Each and every one of us is already love, even criminals in jail facing death sentences. But the sad truth is that the majority in this planet still prefers matter to spirit and so, they remain living a mistaken identity and disconnected from their true nature, to the point that when they read or listen to words confirming that their true nature is love, they automatically allow their egos to deny it and continue to fill their brains with more beliefs of not knowing what they already know.

If being love is a personal experience that must be remembered by the individual, I won’t be able to write about the unique experience of that individual. What I will do then, is share some of the things which we are definitely NOT. The intention of this exercise is to discard the layers of all that which the ego is constantly making us believe that we are, so that at the end we can ponder on what is left:


  1. We are not our names or last names: These are only labels we use to distinguish ourselves as individuals that require living in society and therefore need to be legally recognized.
  2. We are not our life stories: Our past has been built by us until today to learn the lessons that are allowing us to fulfill our life purpose (even if we don’t consciously know what that life purpose is) but it is only that, a magnificent and often times miraculous story.
  3. We are not the material “stuff” we have acquired or keep acquiring through our work, job, projects, etc. Those things that give us comfort and make our egos feel less or more than the rest are made of matter that stays here on Earth once we are ready to move on to our next level of evolution through “death” and which, for that “matter”, is simply a dematerialized state of being.
  4. We are not the degrees, diplomas or titles we have studied or earned. These are means we humans use as part of our search for our life purpose so it is easy to get confused and identify ourselves completely with what we “do” and not with what we are.
  5. We are not our physical bodies as these are only vessels we need to survive in this world and accomplish our exclusive life purpose. When we understand this exclusivity, we are able to see that life is not about wanting to be like someone else because we already are all that we need.

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Now then, please leave the list and ask yourself this question:

What is left of YOU once you accept you are NOT any of the above “layers” of who you are supposed to be?

It seems as if you are left with nothing isn’t it? Precisely! And this allows me to congratulate you because it means you have done the exercise wonderfully well. Why? Because we must realize we are no-thing before we can understand that we are love, and we must realize all the “distractions” that surround us (amazing distractions I must admit) to be able to treat them and live them only as such.

There was a time in my life when I had created such an amazing “story” full of degrees, diplomas, fancy last names, cars, homes, money and so many other “distractions”, that it was being impossible for me to realize the love I truly was. Seeing my inability, life took charge and left me with nothing of all that I had built for 37 years. It was the only way I was able to change my beliefs of not knowing what I already knew. And you want to know what the best of being left with nothing was? That I was able to create new “stuff” all over again but this time using love, the love that you and I are!

Today, being the love that I am, practicing the love that I am, not only allows me to create the best life I can but also to see the world in such a different way. You see, the world that you and I share is so beautiful and perfect through my eyes that no matter how many wars, economic crisis, natural disasters, raped women, or dying children you are able to mention to me, I will still “know” that my love is improving all of that and that this is how I am getting to change our world. And so, now that you know what you are not, wouldn’t you want to give it a try?


Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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