I’m sure that you will agree that love, health, and money are the main aspects we all ask for in our lives. And hopefully, you will also agree that abundance is a misinterpreted concept the majority relates only to money, when in fact abundance encompasses, love, health and so much more.

It wasn’t until very recently that I found a definition of abundance that could fit into what my heart had been telling me all along. A meaning of this word that finally felt whole and complete.

“Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.” ~Bashar

The first time I heard it, my mind that was accustomed to believe that having money was the only way of being abundant and getting what you wanted, suffered a lot with this new idea. It wasn’t until I began practicing that it started making sense. You see, what I’ve discovered is that incorporating this new concept is crucial for all those who are really serious about pursuing their dreams and living their life’s purpose. I spent so many years (too many, that’s for sure,) thinking I couldn’t live my childhood dream of being a writer and helping others through my messages of change, only because that was a career that “didn’t produced enough money to even make ends meet.”

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“You’re gonna die of hunger!” I remember my mother’s favorite line, when as a teenager I used to share with my family the life I wanted to fulfill as a grown-up. I soon forgot all about becoming a writer and followed my mother’s dream which was not only hers, but that of the majority: to be able to have money and buy all it was supposedly needed in order to become successful and a respected member of society.

I have been fortunate. One day I was able to decide that my life’s purpose was more important than only having money in the bank to buy all that which could prove others, who or what I was all about.

Once I decided I would follow this new concept of abundance previously mentioned, everything started changing in my life. I won’t deny that at the beginning, because of my own doubts, scarcity was all I saw surrounding me. Slowly, I went realizing that if I wanted this new belief to work, I had to believe in it one-hundred percent, not ninety-nine percent. Now when I look back, there hasn’t been one single day since then, when I haven’t been able “to do what I need to do when I need to do it.” I consider myself a very abundant person right now; and no, I am not only referring to the money I have in the bank but to all the love, health, work, food, shelter, warm clothing, and the like, that life keeps bringing me – sometimes through the most unbelievable sources!

Do you see how the emphasis is different? When we focus in the abundance of all the things we do have, those things we don’t have start to appear when you least expect them!

So just because I have tried it and I know it works, it is that I’m sharing this new way of seeing the world. Hopefully you are one of those like me, who are willing to make their dreams come true and live them through the certainty that abundance is all there is, and that scarcity is just and ‘old-school idea’ that you no longer need.

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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