Did you know that we are all addicts on this planet? Yes, by simply being humans we are all individuals that are addicted to the reality we live and share, and to all of the negative and positive possible creations that it is constantly offering us. Many of you are probably already feeling an uncomfortable aftertaste because of what I just wrote. But let me expand a little more, perhaps you will agree with me at the end of this article. If not, please don’t worry, I will still love you the same.

A few years ago, when I was still discovering my Self, trying to understand my own mental addictive patterns and how to control them so that they would stop controlling me, I was blessed to find Dr. Joe Dispenza on my path. His work in neuroscience and quantum physics helped me greatly to understand that nothing really had power over me unless I allowed it to and that my emotional addictions were the ones I had to change first and most importantly, if I wanted to see permanent changes in what I was creating as my physical life experience. In a nutshell, the concept that impacted the most was this:


“My definition of addiction is something really simple: something that you can’t stop.” ~Joe Dispenza


When I heard this for the first time, my ego-mind just couldn’t accept I had spent my whole life until then, creating on autopilot so many irresponsible and careless behaviors that were keeping me stuck and preventing my growth. The truth was so simple it even hurt!

What Dr Dispenza’s definition implies is that we are addicted to everything we keep repeating in our lives as part of our daily routines.

So, as a society we are not only addicted to substances and behaviors such as alcohol, sex, pornography, drugs, nicotine, gambling and food, only to name some of the most ‘popular’ ones, but we are also addicted to the emotions we repeat every single day that we wake up, which in turn recreate our day just as the day before. What do I mean? That we are addicted to any habit, – good or bad – we voluntarily choose as a means of experiencing this life. In other words, we can be addicted to anger, frustration or procrastination, in the same way we can be addicted to happiness, proactiveness or optimism.




It is not about accepting whether we are addicts or not. It is about taking responsibility for the type of addictions we are choosing. We are owners of our brain therefore we are the ones who should be giving it instructions on what to create. If we haven’t been able to stop an addiction is because our brain is still in charge of reproducing it through its chemical processes and we are still unaware that we can be consciously aware.

When we accept that we are human addicts everything becomes so much easier. Suddenly, the word ‘addiction’ loses all its power. It means we have stopped judging ourselves and we have started recognizing that by embracing and forgiving our shadows we can recover our power and awaken to our nature as empowered observers and choosers, because that is who we truly are.

The purpose of an addiction is for us to discover we are the ones in control of our minds. You can change anything that is not working for you as long as you identify that is not working and that it is time for you to choose a new behavioral pattern that even though you will continue to repeat while you are alive, it will be something that will help you to expand and advance, not to shrink and become stagnant, because let’s face it, life is never stagnant and you are so full of life!

It is time to claim your power and use your addictions instead of letting your addictions use you…


Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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