Last night I had a very informative and enlightening dream. A thunderous voice from above came to me and said out of the blue: “Manifestation only happens through feelings and the majority of people are not feeling one-hundred percent.” I didn’t see myself as part of the dream. Rather, I was only a listener. It was an audible and not a visual experience. It was clear that the message was the focal point as the voice continued with the previous thought: “You all have to reconnect with your sentient being, remember what is like to feel good to be able to achieve and manifest all of your goals.”

When I woke up, I knew I had to share this publicly as it made so much sense to me. Our societies have become so fast-paced that we have forgotten how to be fully connected to our feelings. Especially because our egos have taught us so well to apply the mechanism of denial as the best tool to protect us from suffering more of the pain we have experienced in the past, without realizing that it is precisely this denial what is not allowing us to have the good life we all deserve.

When I look at the world, there seems to be a pandemic affecting all those who have forgotten that in order to feel good we must first stop feeling bad and spreading negative energy. It’s sad to admit it but we’re surrounded by “bad feelers.” Just try to observe your interactions with people that you meet during your day. In order for many to start a conversation it’s a normal habit to express a negative thought about a person, event, bad news or any circumstance that will transmit and create bad feelings in you. I tried myself to be aware of this for one whole day, and not that I will be accusing anyone but the conversations with a few acquaintances and colleagues were mainly about the bad weather that day, the economic crisis, the latest political scandal, the flu that didn’t go away, the family member that had been given only six months to live, and last but not least Hollywood’s most recent divorce and legal battle.

Many of us are acting as antennas and attractors of bad feelings. We are used to think negatively without even knowing it. This only creates a permanent sense of mediocrity and an okay emotional state, where okay is not synonym of good and it is only a sign of the social conformity which by no means is strong enough to create the positive results we all want in our lives.


As the voice in my dream said, our feelings are the ones capable of bringing to our reality whatever it is that we wish for. In other words, what is the reason why something that you want has not manifested yet in your life? You are simply not sending enough good feelings to bring it about. We are convinced that manifesting our dreams only has to do with our mind, therefore with our thoughts. We leave the heart outside of this process, and without the heart—which is the creator of feelings—our creations don’t have enough enthusiasm for their completion. This is why so many of us give up so easily. We get discouraged after seeing that positive thinking is not enough. We know something is missing but we still don’t accept that feelings are truly more powerful than thoughts and that they’re both indispensable in any manifestation process.

So what’s the good news? That an instant is all it takes to change any OTP (my abbreviation for Obsolete Thought Pattern) that may be preventing us from feeling good about that which we want to manifest. How can we change these so called OTPs? First we must learn to identify the obsolete thought whenever it appears in our brain and we think it. Then, and this is my own way of doing it on a daily basis (repetition is key,) once we have ‘fished out’ the OTP simply say the word delete to yourself and the OTP will immediately be erased for good (it’s just a thought so you control it.) After deleting the old thought, you will want to bring that wish of yours into your mind and practice feeling good about it, loving it as if it’s already yours. You’ll get better as you make it your new habit. I have been doing this for a while and it really works in all aspects of life, no exceptions.

I will leave you now with best-selling author, Gregg Braden’s words on a recent interview as they connect very well to this article: “the heart is creating electrical and magnetic waves that are influencing the world around us based on what we think and the emotion that we breathe into those thoughts to create the feeling.”

I hope that all this will help you as much as it is helping me.


Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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