I recently had the opportunity to take some time to make a beautiful long-distance energy healing with a cousin of mine, which I had adored and used as my role model during my teenage days. With time, and due to a few sad situations, she and I grew apart.

We all need once in a while to reflect on people, events, and circumstances that are no longer a part of our presents but which can still be stuck somewhere deep inside, blocking us in one way or another.

You see, we are the only ones that can consciously create the conditions to activate this liberation. Without even knowing it, these blocks are shaping who we are, because we are still identifying with them on a subconscious level. What is even worse, they can be obstructing the new version of us that is so eager to come to life.

In this case, I had not realized I was still carrying a lot of resentment and painful memories that kept taking me to those years which, no longer existed!

In other words, going back to that unpleasant past was only an exercise my brain kept doing once I remembered my cousin, simply because I had not given to it the order to stop doing that.

I had not taken the time to take control of my mind. I had not thought these impressions were so important. Until the day I decided to create a sacred space, a sacred moment to release all that irrelevant trash, just because I deserved to get rid of what no longer served me in any way.

After the letting go of all those past memories and thanking non-physically my cousin for all the lessons she taught me while being a part of my life, I was imbued with an indescribable feeling. Every time I do healing work on myself I say the same. It feels as if a big old armoire has been taken off of my back. Goodness, sometimes I don’t understand how I have been able to carry so many of those armoires throughout time! What I do know is that every time one of those big “objects” is taken away from me it feels as if I am literally born again.

My personal experiences always offer me the opportunity to reflect not only in my life but in the lives of the many that are awakening every day and want to become their best versions.

Why do we allow the past, instead of the future that we so much wish to have, to keep shaping who we are?


Why do we give so much importance to our past memories and not so much to the imagination of who we truly want to be?

We all hear that we must live in the now moment because it is the only moment that truly exists. I agree. But let’s face it. While we are able to spend some of our present living in the now, we also LOVE to spend that present jumping between what our lives have been and what perhaps they could become.

If we go to the past looking for beautiful memories that may still contribute to our well-being that is fine. But why waste this irreplaceable present going back to experiences that keep reproducing an old version of us that is causing a lot of pain and belittlement? Why not spend more time imagining NEW thoughts about the happy life we can have right now? Why not ask our brain to replace the habit of thought repetition for the habit of thought creation? While we are enjoying our present, why not live it as if the only thing we have is this moment where, we can feel and be that “future” self we can start living right away?

Perhaps your ego could be answering: “Yeah, that’s easy for you to say,” or, “that is difficult to achieve when you have been through the past experiences I’ve been through,” or, “easier said than done,” just to mention a few examples of the most common responses I hear, when my readers and clients are trying to convince me “it is too difficult” for them to put my words into practice.

The truth is, this homework is not as time-consuming or impossible as it looks like. Leaving the past behind simply requires saying yes to becoming aware that right now you won’t be allowing your past to happen in your present.

One last thing to have in mind, is that even when we might believe that no one else has been through our own past experiences, we are ALL learning similar life lessons. Yes, our realities and circumstances may be different but if we are a part of the human race – and there’s no doubt we all are – we are definitely experiencing life lessons that in the end, have the same common purpose of taking us back to our Source, to our Love. We are truly not as different as we seem…

My conclusion after feeling so good, light and liberated thanks to this powerful long-distance energy healing with my cousin, is that we are all ready to change our painful past memories for the new version of us that already LIVES in our imagination, waiting to become real as our present, as our gift. In order to bring that new version into reality, we must FORGET (not only forgive but also forget) the past and welcome the future into the now. I can assure you the new energy that is now available in our beloved planet is ready for you to make this shift effortlessly. So, are you ready for it?

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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