Up until very recently, the meaning of “living in the Now” was confusing to me. If you are reading this article you are probably familiarized with the concept of mindfulness and the importance of focusing on the present moment. Many of the spiritual and conscious leaders that are helping to bring positive change to the world consider that living in the now moment is the key to happiness.
While I myself was learning to live in the present moment, often times I wondered how someone who in her or his present reality was experiencing an unbearable or painful situation, would want to stay in that now moment and be happy with it. I also questioned how could I recommend to any of my clients and readers who could be suffering deeply, to stay focused in the present now moment when that moment was so… disappointing or unfortunate.

The Key to Living in the Now is “Within”

Lately, I have been able to understand that the now moment is not necessarily the external reality nor the circumstances or situations other people or myself live on a daily basis. Besides what our eyes can or cannot see, there is a now moment happening WITHIN ourselves. In other words, it is within you that everything is truly happening. From that “inner now moment” is from where you are able to keep or change your “external now moment”.
This may sound simple but what I have learned is that it is not easy to shift one’s attention from the exterior world and all its distractions into the inner world. If you are someone that is truly committed to changing your current external circumstances, you must learn how to go within and stay there for as long as you can on a daily basis.
If you begin focusing on what is going on within, you will soon realize there is no such thing as a future because in that “inner now moment” you can live ANY reality you may wish. This inner reality I am writing about is what we wrongly understand as future. In other words, the so-called future is something that is always emanating from within your own Self, even when you are not conscious of this process. Can you imagine the power you have to transform your life once you understand this fully and completely?
If you are able to ignore and disconnect yourself from that which you do not like of your external reality you can truly have the most beautiful, loving and abundant “inner now moment.” As a consequence of this inner now experience you can begin practicing right away, your external reality will begin shifting and will begin manifesting whatever you are envisioning on the inside. This is the law. In fact, a very ancient and universal law known as the principle of correspondence practiced by the leaders of the most successful civilizations that have existed on Earth.



How to Live in the Now



A Guided Meditation to Help You Live in the Now

Are you ready to see how this now moment that is not necessarily happening outside of yourself looks and feels like?

Find a place and time where events or people will not distract you at least for five minutes (a suggestion is a bathroom with a door you can close.)

You can either read or listen to my voice:

Imagine yourself walking along a peaceful and pristine beach while you listen to the sound of the waves caressing your feet, as they are embraced by moist and smooth sand. It is early in the morning and there is no one else but you. The sun begins to show its splendid red and orange hues while you smile seductively at the same time that you arrange your hair trying to control the playful wind. You feel so amazing! You feel like a new person! You really don’t know how did you get to that state of happiness but you simply feel successful and triumphant beyond words and you don’t want to let go of that wonderful feeling. You can even feel your watery eyes as your body continues inundated by gratitude and joy. You have made it! You have been able to have all that you have wished for. There is nothing else to desire because right now, you are everything and you have everything! You congratulate yourself over, and over again and you think to yourself: “Oh, what a ride this life has been, but look at me now, it’s been so worth it! I can’t believe I am able to feel so happy!”

Close your eyes and walk along that enchanting beach for as long as you can.

Open your eyes whenever you are ready.

This is what the inner now moment is all about. If you did the exercise correctly, you will realize you can disconnect from your outer reality while you are creating another reality completely independent from what your eyes can see.

This is how many of the greatest men and women have used or are using the now moment to create their successful lives. They simply dedicate a great part of their time to staying in that inner now moment that is constantly bringing them the external results they intend.

So this is the great news, my friend: If you discipline the negative talk coming from the ego mind and you are able to stay in your inner now moment being the protagonist of your dream for as long as you can on a daily basis, your dream will definitely manifest in the outer. Do not ever forget that “as within, so without.”

Are you ready to experience your best inner now moment and keep practicing it until your eyes can see it and your hands touch it?

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,

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