God and I have built an immense fire together. We keep each other happy & warm. ~Hafiz

There are some occasions in one’s life where you are offered circumstances through which you can put in practice what until that moment in time has only been theory. In my case, I am one of those “curious” human beings who wants to feel everything firsthand. So there you go, I asked and I received! The universe put me to the test in a very loving but unexpected way.

There I was, in London at my daughters’ flat all by myself as they both had gone away for the holidays, when suddenly the boiler that takes care of heating water and temperature stopped working. At first I didn’t worry as I thought it was just a matter of calling the repairman and arrange an urgent visit. After hanging the phone I realized that this was a little bit more serious than what I had planned as they wouldn’t come to fix the problem until five days later. When you are in the middle of winter and all you see through the window is rain, haze, some frost, and lots of clouds with more rain, five days can be an eternity!

I then said to my ego-mind who had started already selling me the worst case scenario ideas: “oh well, this must be happening for a reason and I will soon find out what’s the lesson here.” The low temperatures soon started to be my only cold and not very pleasant companion. So I decided that I would stay in one room trying not to move too much and save my calories inside the few additional blankets I found.

In the midst of my shivering, night soon arrived to embrace my eyes as I started realizing that it wouldn’t be easy to fall asleep being so cold so I decided to start meditating. I had heard that skillful yogis in India could regulate their body temperature at will but even though I meditate often as part of my day, I didn’t considered myself to be ‘skillful’ enough to act as a heater or a radiator!

Winter window

My mind’s doubts stopped when I started feeling these waves of intense warmth that were emanating from the center of my chest and reaching the whole of my physical body. They were so evident that they felt as if someone had ignited a fire inside my inner core. Not only I was feeling it but I was also able to observe this red beautiful color mixed with a little bit of orange and pink as it freely flowed to the outside. My heartbeat started to rise a little bit. I wish an electrocardiogram could have been possible on that instant to measure my vital signs and what was going on. It was amazing to experience such warm inner temperature when I knew outside was still freezing and my cheeks could feel the difference probing me that what was happening inside of me had nothing to do with the exterior. The cozy heat was so welcoming that after ten minutes I felt asleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning when I remembered all that had happened and soon enough understood the reason why this experience of the “broken boiler” had to be in my reality at this time.

I finally understood in my own flesh that the heart has a greater role in our mental, emotional and physical processes than what we are considering possible. I confirmed that the human heart has a level of intelligence that we are only beginning to understand, and even though I’m not trying to underestimate the brain’s role in our life I do believe that it is time for everyone to start paying more attention to what the heart is trying to tell us and perhaps, just perhaps, give it the opportunity to start changing in positive ways the inner and outer worlds that we all live. Once we thought the Earth was flat and then we had to change that belief for the fact that the Earth is round. Let us now change our belief that the human brain is the only one in control and allow the human heart to probe that our power goes beyond our mind.

The five days soon passed by. The boiler was repaired and before long everything around me was back to normal. I was the only one different, I had learned a new lesson: my heart had showed me in a convincing way that what truly matters happens within and not without.

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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