A few days ago, a lady seating next to me with whom I chatted while I was flying back home after a short trip, asked me what would I say to someone interested in making a major life transformation: how do we gain awareness and differentiate between our ego self and our true self.

For a few seconds, my memories revisited my past and without hesitation, I knew this was what I would say to anyone ready to make a positive life transformation:

“Learn the difference between your ego and your true self; connect with the latter and live according to its voice, not the ego’s voice.”

Accepting The Existence Of Your Ego Self

From what I have experienced through many difficult, almost impossible lessons that now seem so far away, to acknowledge and humbly accept that we are constantly living between our ego and our true self is what allows us to find and see the light at the end of the tunnel. The recognition of this duality is not to say this is a negative characteristic. This is simply the way we humans have been designed and both, ego and self-serve us in many amazing ways.

Once we learn to differentiate ego from true self, we are then able to understand more clearly how to play the mental game of these two voices that will accompany us until the day we die.

Mastering Your Ego

I remember when I started trying to learn how to control my ego and how nothing I would try, worked. It used to frustrate me deeply to see how my ego would take me for ride almost every day of that unhappy, fearful and limited life I had back then.

Thankfully, the day came when I decided to stop resisting my ego. Instead of fighting all the tricks I began recognizing from it – disguising itself as my true self was the trick that took me longer to identify – I decided to change my tactic and instead, start forgiving and loving it completely. After all, my ego was a part of me and I knew I had to love myself fully, including the parts I liked and also the parts I disliked. I began to embrace my ego so intensely, that soon my ego stopped having control over me. This is how I discovered my sovereign being for the first time. As my ego shrank, my true self began to grow more and more. It was a miraculous process; a metamorphosis I observed for several long years, as I have to admit, mine was a difficult case of “chronic overgrown ego.”


10 Ways To Differentiate Your Ego Self From Your True Self


It doesn’t have to be the same for you. You can master your ego in a matter of days or less, if you are truly committed to discovering your true self. Here are 10 great ways to raise your awareness and begin mastering your ego. The identification of the two voices in your head is the first and most important step so here we go:

How to Recognize Your Ego Self From Your True Self

1. Your ego is fearful; your true self is loving.
2. Your ego is usually negative and it loves “okay” and “status quo”; your true self is always positive and adventurous.
3. Your ego keeps you in the comfort zone; your true self makes you grow out of it.
4. Your ego is addictive; your true self is detached and free.
5. Your ego will want you to focus on the external and material; your true self will prefer that you stay focused on the ontological and your inner wellbeing.
6. Your ego encourages you to lose time in what was and what will be; your true self shows you the now moment as the only reality there is.
7. Your ego is a procrastinator; your true self makes things happen for you.
8. Your ego will teach you how to prefer quantity over quality; your true self will show you how to prefer quality and from there create quantity.
9. Your ego discourages you to speak your truth, it teaches conformity and mediocrity; your true self encourages you to sing your truth out loud, it teaches you to shine your unique light far and wide.
10. Your ego always needs you to prove things, it teaches you to see in order to believe; your true self acts in faith, it teaches you how to believe in order to see.

I will leave you with a quote about the ego from one of my favorite teachers and please don’t hesitate to comment and share your own experiences on this topic as this is the way we can build a new world: together as one.

“The problem is that we have allowed our egos, the part of us which believes that we are separate from God and separate from each other, to dominate our lives.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,

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EGO LOVE TRUE SELFI want to share this True Self “cheat sheet” that Sharon Belknap from Tidbitsoflove.com recently shared with us. It’s a wonderful way of applying the words you just read into a healing practice. Sharon uses her sheet to recognize when her ego is present and then she lovingly converts to a True Self response. I hope her idea of rewriting my words in first person empowers you as much as it has empowered Sharon and me. Here’s Sharon’s bio:

When she’s not at her computer doing graphic design, Sharon’s at her drawing table having whimsical conversations with her pencils, pens, paints and paper. She’s passionate about nurturing interactions with just about everyone, fluffing them up with kindness and genuine attention. The chance to put her passion into a little box came about with her invention of tidbitsoflove.com. Now everyone can practice sharing and create little bits of magic. Sharon Belknap lives in Cardiff by the Sea, CA and creates around the world.

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