I have devoted the past few years to the best project I have ever had in my life: to write about my human experiences, as a being who has been created out of spirit, and about my connection with that spirit called God. When I began, the title of this project caused a lot of problems for my rational mind, which did not allow my heart to give free rein to its imagination. I speak of the imagination of the heart, because it is there, in the human heart, that there exists a sacred place where the origin of all creation lies. It is there where the source which I call God has always lived, but it was only a short while ago that I became aware of its magnificent presence in me.


Just as my mind and heart quarreled over this matter in the past, it is obvious that the title of my first book, which suggests that I have turned into God, may have aroused some opposition and “curiosity” at the same time, especially amongst those who identify with the God which is taught by one or various religions.


For the people who are reading this article with their minds, I must clarify two things: the first is that the God that I always refer to, here and in my future writings, is a God which does not have any religion. The second is that this God is never outside of us but lives within us, acts through and as us. For the people who are reading this article with their hearts, I have nothing to clear up.


This leads me to a truth which I must share with everyone. “While I was learning to be God” was not a book my human mind created as a premeditated act: in reality it was a book God wrote through me. My mind never knew in advance how the story would turn out. Quite simply, the story told itself as it went on and my part was to lend my hand, which wrote without thinking, for hours at a time, day after day and night after night, until finishing the product that is now a book written by that God that dwells in my heart, and who has wanted to share what it has lived through my being.


For many years, I believed in the Catholic God I was taught about by my family and school. That God accompanied me until I reached the age of thirty-three: yes, the same age that Christ died at. When I was thirty-three, I “outgrew” the God I had believed in. That “limited” Supreme Being in my mind was no longer enough for me. I felt that all I knew about God up to then was what other human beings had told me about Him, but where was all that which God wished to tell me directly? Where was that “God free of human interpretation” that was all there was, all there is, and the source of all religions, beliefs, credos and so forth?


I began my quest with the illusion that others would give me the key to the door that would open my eyes to that world where the God which I sought dwelt. I passed many years full of sorrow and sadness because I continued to search without. My mind was still conditioned to believe that the external reality was where all truth lay. How wrong I was! But then, God saw how persistent and determined I was to find him. Out of love he forced me to shed everything, absolutely everything that was distracting me, so that I would have no option but to look within myself. Thus once my exterior world was completely desolate and empty, I finally surrendered to the insistent promptings of my heart that from the start had only wished for me to enter it.


There, in my heart, I found God. The God without religion, the God who had been in control all along, the one that had been discovering itself through my human experiences, acting through me, being me…


There is no doubt that this encounter with the God of the heart marked the end of the long dominion of the ego. Once God, with all his love, possessed the whole of my being, my ego lost its power over me and was reduced to an insignificant lodger who could only emerge into the sunshine when God was a little worried about his pallor.



“Your physical body is an antenna that is a receptor of God.

It is the vehicle used so that God may know himself, so that God may experience life through you.

The life of God and your life are one, they are the same.

Only when you subjugate your ego and all your human arrogance, you are ready to understand that you are God.

For that reason, it was so important that you experienced all that you have thought was humiliating.

Pain and sorrow are great teachers. Thanks to them you vanquished your ego.

Without ego, all that remains is essence, the essence of God.

You and God are one.

You bear the name Sybil in this life, but you are not only Sybil, and you do not only have this life.

Tomorrow, when your mind doubts my words, you will go to the Bible and confirm them in John 10:34 and also in Psalm 82:6.

Tomorrow, when your mind begins to ask for logical explanations, you will have to remind yourself of the great ocean and all the billions of drops that make it up.

The drops are without doubt, much smaller than the great ocean, but each drop contains absolutely each and every one of the characteristics of the great ocean.

You might imagine the drops separated from the ocean and also separated from each other.

In reality, they are always connected, forming part of the great ocean in an infinite manner, without beginning or end.

Once this physical life ends, one continues being part of God forever, in the following level of evolution.

Once it passes through certain proofs, the drop is ready to accept that it is the drop and the great ocean simultaneously.

It will take a little time to assimilate the truth.

Your mind will find it difficult to believe, but your heart will dominate the process.

From now on your responsibility is much bigger.

On becoming God you turn into love alone.”

While I Was Learning To Become God ©Book Excerpt



I invite you to consider in your life the possibility of being the drop and the great ocean at the same time. I invite you to let the God of each and every religion to enter into that great ocean of love where we are all one with that God which welcomes and connects all in himself. Once we merge into that ocean, like the drops we are, our world finally finds the peace we have longed for and that we have come to live.

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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