The majority in this world thinks that the mind is the only tool needed to become successful and achieve the goals we are constantly dreaming of. But the mind is not able to achieve our success and goals on its own. Believing the mind is all we have and all we need is precisely what keeps many from achieving the life of their dreams.

As it happens, the mind without a heart is incomplete. Why do I say that?

Imagine for a few seconds that since birth you’ve been living in a small, beautiful and changeless valley surrounded by enormous and majestic mountains. Your mind will certainly be very useful to let you know all that is happening within the limits of that reality that you experience, and it will offer you all you need to survive and keep reproducing the daily routines of that enclosed environment that you have chosen as your home.

But as your mind was born with you and you have been the one shaping it with all of your experiences and lessons throughout time, it will not know much about the reality that is happening beyond the mountains. Perhaps, it might even be convinced that there isn’t another reality besides the valley and the distant mountains it sees through your human eyes.

So, what happens if your goals cannot be achieved in that valley where you live? You see, our goals generally have to do with BECOMING MORE than what we already are, and if our mind can only help us to live the life that we already understand and constantly recreate, how will it help us to achieve something that it doesn’t know because WE don’t know it either?




Now imagine that your heart has been living all along at the top of one of those huge mountains your little eyes have watched from the valley since you were a child. From that higher altitude, your heart witnesses the vastness of the universe; it is capable of seeing beyond your valley and beyond any other limit that your mind might be establishing right now. From the inner caves of that mountain top, your heart has been echoing to your mind the truth about the reality beyond the mountains. It is the reality where your goals have been already achieved, but as your mind doesn’t know beyond its limits, it has preferred to suppress the echo of your heart, advising that it is too risky to listen to that free spirited heart of yours that doesn’t know much about life’s complexities down at the valley.

How do you think you will achieve your goals if your mind is trying to obtain them at the same time that it is keeping you in the same place where you have been all along? Why keep using only your mind if you were meant to use it with your heart as a whole?

Yes, climbing and reaching your heart won’t happen overnight. But believe me when I say that this hike is the most fantastic one you will ever get to experience in life. Your heart will welcome and lovingly embrace your mind, and then you will see all your goals suddenly realized.

The mountain is smiling at you. Why not smile back at her right away?

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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