There is so much negativity felt at this time throughout our entire planet that I have been called to write about a topic that for some reason, we tend to avoid in times of war and conflict. I don’t know why it is so easy to forget that we humans have all been created out of love. In other words, love is the universal force that allows Earth to feed us with its life while we keep ignoring we are completely dependent on this force. Of course, I am not writing about romantic love. I am referring to the Energy of Love that no man will ever be able to comprehend in its wholeness and therefore can only interpret, but which is the Energy that we must all start believing in as it is our ONLY hope if we truly wish to leave a possible future for our children and their children.

Going back in time to take a quick look to the solutions that governments consider for solving and transforming global crises, when have we seen throughout our history that this Energy of Love has been positively manipulated by those who continue to rule us all? When have we seen that the policies and practices implemented at global levels have to do with the generation of healthy environments where our societies are offered the opportunity to be taught how to create more of this Energy of Love? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but what I see is that we’re living in a world where separation, hate and despair have become the values that are being intentionally and unintentionally promoted, those that we have been taught and therefore transmit to our loved ones.

Did you notice what I just said? Yes, what I meant was that we are transmitting the opposite of love (separation, hate and despair) to our loved ones. And this, without even knowing it, without even understanding that WE are the ones who can end all the madness in this unloving world. I know that our responsibility is hard to accept because we’ve been conditioned by the current system to believe there is nothing we can do about it. I know that our addiction to continue blaming others is difficult to stop. But then I ask, what makes us so sure that we have come to this Earth just to fill a tiny part of its space and then leave it without doing anything for it? It doesn’t seem natural that this is our only purpose in life…


So what to do then?

Please don’t think I am suggesting that we should all go out in the streets and rebel against the status quo or the present state of affairs. Actually, I don’t believe in that type of resistance because I’ve learned that instead of bringing real solutions, it only expands that which we are precisely trying to eradicate.

Please DO think that what I’m suggesting is that we ask ourselves these simple questions: Where does all the hate we see in the outer world come from if it’s already scientifically proven that we are the ones creating the reality through our thoughts and feelings? Who are the ones choosing to believe we are separate from one another instead of trying to understand our connectedness? Where do our prejudices, judgments, and beliefs of knowing it all are constantly being created and recreated? Who are the ones insisting in seeing our life as something that only happens at a local scale instead of seeing it at a global and even at a cosmic scale?

After you have answered these questions to yourself, I would like you to read the next quote and think about its meaning and if it is a belief that you already have, or one that you would be willing to adopt:

“One cannot hate in any sense without having loved deeply.”


I want to end my article with this teaching from one of my most beloved masters, Saint Germain, because I believe that no matter how much hate there is in the world, hate is a condition that can be transformed – faster than what we think – once each and every one of us is able to acknowledge that through forgiveness we are all capable of remembering the love that created us in the first place, when hate was not even a possibility.

No matter how many wars or violent acts we have endured, no matter how many loved ones we have lost, and no matter how much pain and sorrow we still carry within. The truth is that the origin of all of the above seems to be hatred but hatred can only be originated from love. So why not remember how we were able to love deeply in the beginning, if love is the only Energy that can heal permanently, not only our individual wounds but also those that we keep recreating through the collective consciousness that in the end, is the one responsible for all the crises that we know we don’t want for us? It is time to start taking action and heal once and for all…

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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