Some time ago, I read about an incident that turned into a major international scandal, not because of its political or economic nature but because the protagonist was someone who happened to have the name, position and power to be able to reunite us all as the global society we truly are, and make us remember that humanity’s past still lives in our minds from where we keep recreating the same conditions that continue to prolong the suffering and pain that we no longer need to inflict on others.

Who was the protagonist? The one and only Oprah Winfrey, who, for those living outside the United States who are not familiar with American celebrities, is a renowned media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist, and also one of the wealthiest persons in the world who also happens to be of African descent. I don’t like to label people in any way and much less because of their money but in this case, it is necessary so that this article can be fully understood.

What was the incident all about? While Mrs. Winfrey was shopping in Switzerland on one of her trips, she went into a name brand store and asked the clerk to show her a handbag she had liked. The clerk decided not to show her the bag because according to her it was too expensive, and instead, she offered Mrs. Winfrey other alternatives that were more affordable. In other words, the clerk, – who didn’t know who was the lady she was attending to  – assumed without any respect and simply based on the physical appearance of her customer, that she knew what was it that Mrs. Winfrey could afford or not to buy! Watch here Mrs. Winfrey describing what happened and what is more amazing, the Swiss government representative accepting and publicly regretting the incident.



Where am I going with all of this? I believe this case is more serious than what it seems because it is a perfect example of the level of consciousness that a great number of people is currently experiencing in this world. Many could have reacted in the same way that this clerk did. In fact, I believe that many out there are still wondering why this clerk is being criticized if in Switzerland Mrs. Winfrey is not truly known. Of course, these last ones are missing the whole point.

It deepens in seriousness if we analyze that even when slavery has been abolished in the majority of countries and regions throughout ancient and recent human history, our collective consciousness which is the sum of all our individual thoughts, beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes continues to spread unloving and discriminatory values that are responsible for episodes such as the one I have described.

How can we create a peaceful world when we are still judging others by the way they physically look? My goodness, the world needs more love than what I thought!

I was raised in a small Caribbean island where, ninety percent of the population was of African descent at the time when my family lived there and until I had to leave to study abroad. I grew up seeing no difference whatsoever between my African descent friends and myself, in fact, at times I wished my skin would be a bit darker so I could be like everyone else. This, to show it is totally possible to have a mind free of racial discrimination.

It is not an easy topic. Many wounds are still open. If circumstances as the one mentioned here are still happening in the so-called developed world of the twenty first century, it is because our collective continues to spread a silent violence that recreates the stereotypes of victim and villain which need to be abolished from our mindset if we truly want to see a new Earth.

Through this dangerous game of victims and villains we continue to be the slaves of our thoughts. Without even being conscious, the majority of us is living in a mental prison that unfairly separate us. In truth, we are all made of the same essence of love, and this means we are not as different as we might seem according to what our limited human eyes can merely see.

It is time to forgive and take responsibility for our inner chains. It is time to find the way we can break them for good. We were born to be free, not to be slaves of our own past individual and collective mistakes. We all need to put ourselves in the others’ shoes so we can not only forgive but also forget and transform the old ways of thinking which are the ones bleeding us and keeping us apart.

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,


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