Roxana Jones shares a true love story: her wedding proposal and answer to the “Will you Marry Me?” while meeting, what she calls, a beautiful human angel.

Paris, June 2013

The building is the most magical one. Enchanting décor, unsurpassable views from the top floor, a romantic and exquisite dinner and the best of all companies: my soul mate, Arnaud.

The night is beautiful and delightful. I am just letting him guide me as I still don’t know the city well. After dinner, we walk to a place where there aren’t many tourists, only locals. The best ice creams in France. I start to feel as a teenager on her first date. Never before I have tasted some exotic ice cream on a Parisian dark alley at 11:00 pm! As we sit down on one of the tables inside the restaurant right next to the Seine, I notice a young girl with an angelic face, smiling at me not only with her lips but with her penetrating brown eyes. I feel a bit intimidated as she continues to stare while I am sitting on my own, waiting for Arnaud to arrive from the restroom. I look through the old window next to my table while I listen to the saxophone melody of a street musician who has been bewitched by the river’s inspiration.

Mesmerized, my senses return to my body as I decide to smile back at the girl sitting in front of me. She’s with her youngest sister and parents. After her dad pays the check, he gets up, goes to one of the corners of the restaurant and brings a wheelchair. The girl stops smiling at me, after the unusual but precious exchange she and I have had for the last ten minutes or so. I can feel she is not comfortable sharing her physical condition with me, her eyes are now looking at the floor with shame. Once she has sat on the wheelchair, she looks back at me. Her face shows me her hopelessness but my eyes continue to embrace her with compassion and acceptance. I am smiling and loving her so much that I even forget who I am to become who she is… I know she is feeling my heart because I am feeling hers. It is something my mind cannot control.

Suddenly, Arnaud arrives and sits next to me while he tries to grasp all that has happened during his absence.

Without me saying a word, he instantly perceives the look on the girl’s face and he says: “I think that girl needs to say something to you.” I reply: “Well, we’ve been exchanging non-verbal messages since you’ve been gone.”

Will you Marry Me? A post by Roxana Jones on Wedding and more

We are now both in awe watching this very special young woman leave with her family. But before exiting through the main door, she decides to make a heart sign with her hands while her dad keeps pushing her wheelchair and she’s telling something to her mother. All I can do is return her the same heart sign with my hands but that doesn’t feel enough so I start blowing her kisses. My heart is about to burst at the same time that her mother – knowing somehow that I wouldn’t understand French – comes to our table and says to me in English: “Excuse me Madam, but my daughter wants me to tell you that she loves you and that your light has made her recover her hope.” By now I am already in tears, tears of joy, of course.

I give thanks and they say goodbye. As I watch that beautiful “stranger” who has brought me such amazing gift of love, disappear with her family in the midst of darkness, Arnaud, who has been respecting my special moment and is allowing me to enjoy what has just happened, all of a sudden takes out from his pocket a small but elegant grey Cartier box with a tiny white bow around it and hands it to me.

At this point I am very confused. I look at him to ask what’s in the box. “Open it!” he says, while he eagerly smiles. As I am taking the bow off, I realize that it’s just the two of us at the ice cream place. The box is opened. Now, all I can see is the ring inside of it and all I can hear is the voice of my beloved asking me:
“Will you marry me?”

Did I say yes? Of course I did! Did we get married? Of course we did!

I wanted to share this moment because what I haven’t said yet is that at that time, Arnaud and I didn’t have a single penny in our bank account to say we could afford this trip and all the wonderful things that came with it. The money to pay for it “came out of the blue”! How was it possible? We were both open to receiving, we both believed that it could happen; and most importantly we both KNEW it would happen!

Today, I understand that the beautiful girl in a wheelchair was the Godsend human angel I needed to believe in the light I sometimes forget to see within myself. Today, I fully accept as part of my new belief system that all of my dreams keep coming true, even traveling from Los Angeles to Paris for a few days to say yes to the man I love, and to say yes to a life filled with the magic that happens once we are ready to embrace our own divinity and our own love.


Until the next time and don’t forget to be love,


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