Roxana wakes you up to whole new reality through the power of positive words. She helps you heal, rebirth your soul and meet your true self. The spark of life emanates through her presence and her love is unending. She is the perfect person to trust and reach out to if you’re ready for huge life-changes.

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, LMFT


Beginning to truly understand what it means to become God. For someone who rarely cries, I burst into uncontrollable tears as I read Sybil’s final note to Sebastian. It was so freeing as I began to reflect upon my past struggles. Now opening up your second book. My gratitude for Sybil and most importantly, to Roxana for her courage to tell the story.❤️ Peace, love and eternal light.

Nimu Shenoy

Ruth Serrano

'Goddess of Love'

Roxana Jones is the embodiment of a Goddess of Love: she has opened and lead the way for me and countless amounts of people with her courage, vulnerability, and open heart. I admire her talent and her ability to teach and give us the gift to become who we are really meant to be. Roxana is a pure inspiration on how to fall in love with Self!

Ruth Serrano

Philip A. Lopez


The Universe is filled with glorious words of illuminations. Among the brightest I have ever found, are the centering words of Roxana Jones. Frame in your minds eye, a message nutritious and satisfying to your spirit of well-being, filled with heart centered inspiration and authentic passion. Roxana’s radiance of energy, continuously moves my spirit to a higher place.

Phillip A. Lopez



It would be hard for me to imagine that you wouldn’t yet know Roxana @roxanamjones. If you don’t, know her now! She’s simply amazing!!!

Alan E. Freedman



@roxanamjones u are really brilliant when it comes to words and you give such helpful information as well as motivation,you are just GR8! 🙂

Michelle Greffen

You ARE Living the Dream

Roxana writes about our power to create dreams and the ways how in someway, we’re all living the dreams we have imagined in previous stages of our lives.

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