Seven Lessons Before I was Able to Become Love. Lesson #3: Patience

Seven Lessons Before I was Able to Become Love. Lesson #3: Patience

About the new blog series: “Seven Lessons Before I was Able to Become Love” is a collection of eight short articles where I share eight values I consider the origin of the person I am today. After the eight articles are all published on my blog, I will be offering a free mini e-book with these as chapters that will easily connect and complete the sequence in one little self-help book that you will be able to download at no cost as my way of saying thank you for letting me be a part of your world and making it possible to HealThruWords®.


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“One of my hardest lessons was learning to accept life’s own timing. Nothing flowed until I forgot the word ‘when’.”

The fact that my daughters weren’t living with me any longer was one of the most painful circumstances I have had to confront so far. Back in 2004 when I had accepted the invitation to study my last master’s degree program in Washington DC, my intention had been to leave Bogota, the city where I lived at that time, and bring them with me so that the three of us could be together and study at the same time. My ex-husband refused my proposal and did all things possible so they couldn’t travel abroad. As they were still minors and they needed his legal consent for visa and immigration purposes I was faced with the toughest decision of all: If I stayed I would lose the opportunity of liberating from the poisonous tentacles of this man who still had not forgiven me for divorcing him four years before and who would do anything to see me failing at whatever I’d do to succeed without him. And if I’d leave I would have to leave my girls with their father and additionally, pay him to do so. I never understood this behavior of his, it wasn’t that he needed the money, he was a multi-millionaire for goodness’ sake! Much less I understood my daughters’ attitude after finishing my degree in 2006 and wanting to go back and live with the two of them. They rejected me saying they would only live with their dad from there on.

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